G2 offers a complete and comprehensive range of testing services from Unit Testing to User Acceptance Testing. We have the experience,expertise, well defined processes to ensure that high level of Quality Standards are met. We leverage the offshore advantage to scale up the project team to meet your delivery deadlines.

We can execute the following types of tests to meet your testing needs:

  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • White Box Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Product Testing

Functional Testing

G2s functionality testing services are intended to ensure that your business applications function according to the functional specifications. Our testing help increase your confidence level in the application or product you are bringing to market.

We test applications that are n-tier, client/server, or Web-based. We have expertise in using both white box and black box testing techniques and ensure that there are no Show stopper Bugs after 3 cycles of testing.

We have extensive experience with many types of applications, including:

  • Client/server applications
  • Web-applications
  • Database products
  • Stand-alone consumer products

We offer very flexible staffing models to suit your testing needs. Our software testers need very short learning curve to understand the functionality of the application and can produce results right away. We can ramp up the team quickly to match your software release plans.

Our team of qualified test engineers focuses on validating the feature of an entire function or a component of your application. Test plans are prepared to describe areas and the ways of testing. We take steps to attain maximum test coverage right from the test-planning phase. Our strategy is to prepare test cases based on the customer requirements and the business scenarios. We perform a series of tests to validate the product's features, using a wide range of normal and erroneous input data.

The project deliverables include, among others:

  • Test plan document
  • Test scenario document
  • Test case document
  • Test summary report, and
  • Periodic defect and status report

Call us to know how our testing services can help increase your confidence level in the application or product you are bringing to market and also how the Testing and Repair costs can be reduced.


Regression testing

Regression testing is done after making a functional improvement or repair to any software system.The objective is to ensure that the changes, enhancements that are done to the application does not adversely effect the functionality of the other essential features. They are similar to the functional testing and are executed on the relevant impacted components or complete application based on the needed. Manual or Automated approach is adopted as needed. Automated testing is recommended to considerably reduce the effort.

We check

  • If the reported product defects have been corrected for each new release
  • If there are any cascading errors have appeared in the system due to the changes done
  • If there are any new quality problems

G2's regression testing utilizes the proven methods and processes to ensure new releases, updates or patches do not compromise your systems’ quality.

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Automated Testing

Automated tests can be very effective for regression testing and they can bring

  • Significant reduction in time taken per testing iteration whenever new release are made to an application.
  • Savings in manpower & associated costs.
  • Regression test coverage can be improved within short time frames.
  • Effective load testing.

Tools we can use:

Our experienced scripting experts can handle your automated testing requirements effectively using the following tools:

Testing & Defect Tracking Tools:

  • Mercury WinRunner
  • Mercury LoadRunner
  • Mercury Tes Director
  • Open STA
  • JUnit
  • Bugzilla


I am very impressed on the Quality of testing services your team has delivered.You have exceeded our expectations." President of a EAS product company, US.