We bring to the table, the following benefits through our Structured Testing Methods, Offshore Delivery and No Compromise attitude to QA:

  • Enhancing Quality
    Our Testing teams objective is to minimize the number of bugs that are transmitted to the Product that is release to Production. We monitor the same using Coverage Matrices. We follow a no compromise attitude to Quality.

  • Cost Reduction
    We can help you in reducing your costs through

  • Offshore delivery
    Offshore testing efforts help you realize significant cost savings

  • Leverage Time zone advantage
    Testing can happen when your team completes development during the day.

  • Savings on early defect removal
    Removing defects early in the product life cycle saves repair and product support costs.

  • Minimizing Invisible Cost
    Significant savings can be done by minimizing the invisible costs like Drop in Customer Satisfaction levels, Loss of Brand Image, Revenue Losses, Repair and support costs.

  • Wide Domain Expertise

  • Vendor neutral, unbiased opinion.

  • Specialization in testing & process maturity

  • Customer Driven Approach

  • Comprehensive testing
    Depth of features to micro level, Breadth of deployment ensuring reduction in the number of bugs that are moved to production.

  • Reduced Time lines and Time to Market
    In today's fast changing business environment releasing the product early makes a world of difference. We appreciate this fact and we help you achieve that by:
    Starting the Testing parallel to Development the testing time can be compressed significantly.
    Scaling up the number of resources based on the product maturity, project size timelines, etc.

  • Test automation
    Significant reduction in test execution cycle times can be achieved through Automated Regression Testing.

  • Proven Track Record

  • Un-Paralleled Quality Of Service

You helped us to release the new version of our software to be bug free, on time. I appreciate your team's domain knowledge and ability to grasp the business processes quickly." A multi-national Automobile Dealer in the Middle East.